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Fee schedule
Re Deposited Returned Item Fee $ 10.00
Returned Deposited Item Fee $ 10.00
Paid Overdraft Fee $ 35.00*
Returned Insufficient Item $ 35.00*
Stop Payment $ 35.00
Paper Statement Fee (E Statements provided at no charge) $ 5.00
Collection Item $ 15.00
Money Market Excess Withdrawal Fee $ 10.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $ 5.00
Incoming Wire $ 2.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire $ 45.00
American Express Traveler’s Checks No Fee for Customers
American Express Gift Card No Fee for Customers
Pounds Sterling Amex Traveler’s Checks No Fee for Customers
Euros Amex Traveler’s Checks No Fee for Customers

*An Overdraft or Insufficient Item Fee may be charged on any check, ACH or in person withdrawal which causes an overdraft or would have caused an overdraft had the item been paid.

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